Under the direction of the Florida National Parks Association and Biscayne National Park Institute, “Keep Biscayne Beautiful” is a Miami-Dade County-wide campaign to inspire the stakeholders of Biscayne Bay to actively keep the Bay healthy. The campaign will focus on marine stewardship, education and repair of recreational marine infrastructure in Biscayne Bay.

How can you participate?

Get involved! Help with shoreline cleanups, underwater marine debris removal, and restoration of damaged areas within Biscayne Bay. Visit the institute website for the upcoming “Paddle for Free, Pick up Marine Debris!” monthly gatherings. We welcome the opportunity to work with organizations and schedule corporate clean ups as well. Call the Florida National Parks Association main office to inquire, +1 (305) 247 1216.

Donate to Keep Biscayne Beautiful at our website to help support projects and programs that will help protect and preserve Biscayne Bay for the present use by the public and for generations to come. Programs such as the Fish On, Explorer, and Camp program give students an opportunity to learn new skills and experience the park. Funds will also support roving Rangers and public education. Projects identified include enhancing or repairing marine recreation infrastructure such as adding or replacing mooring buoys, repairing docks and the lighthouse, and public restroom maintenance.

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