By Patty Huff

Patty Huff

Everglades National Park is one of the great marvels of the world, and I live centrally located to this wonderland and the many other parks/preserves in South Florida. I enjoy going out on the water with my husband to go fishing, and I spend many weekends hiking and biking through these natural open spaces.

Mangroves in ENP

Gliding through the waterways in a boat, I’m always enthralled by the flock of birds soaring through the channels and the variety of wildlife along the shorelines. The mangroves stand like pieces of sculpture.

I never tire of just being out on the water in the Everglades National Park, feeling one with nature. Our grandchildren have spent many weeks with us throughout the years, and they have always enjoyed fishing with “Pops.”

My Grandson Liam catching a redfish

My husband and I have lived in Everglades City for the past 27 years, even at our home we are surrounded with birds.

Granddaughter Alyssia catching a snook

Cycling has been a passion for my husband and me since we rode our bikes across the United States in 2000 so taking a bike ride along the many roadways and pathways that are available to us near our home is another weekend adventure. Janes Scenic Drive in the Fakahatchee, Shark Valley in the ENP, and Loop Road in the Big Cypress National Preserve are all great places to bike or hike. Come out and celebrate National Park Week in South Florida! Great memories to be had!

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