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Waterproof Guide, Raptors of Eastern North America: A Comprehensive Guide to All Species

"Raptors of Eastern North America contains over 120 color photos of all the raptors that occur east of the Rocky mountains in the United States and Canadian provinces. Multiple photos for many species show a variety of plumage conditions for males, females and different color morphs, upperside and underside flight views, as well as a number of different wing shapes for each species in flight. Perched birds are also shown. Each species featured includes a short description of the physical features, its size, and preferred habitats. The status—seasonal frequency, resident or migrant, geographic breeding habitats—of each raptor within the range is also noted. These guides differ from other similar products by the increased number of photos for each species, such as seven photos for Swainson’s Hawk. This laminated, waterproof, folding field guide is a must for anyone who wants to identify birds of prey anywhere in eastern North America—and they fit in your back pocket when you complete your ID conclusion. You’ve tried the rest; now try the best quick reference guides for North American raptors."