Robert is here : looking East for a lifetime


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By: Cesar A. Becerra

Many know the story of its birth: SMall kid, age six, left on the corner to sell surplus cucumbers. No one stopped. The next day, a sign was created. "Robert is here!" And the rest is history.

But what is the rest? And what happened before that?

South Florida historian Cesar Becerra delves deeper into the soil and should of South Dade County's most remarkable institution and discovers that the well-known story of how it all began is just the tip of the iceberg and maybe the least interesting thing about Robert is Here.

Part history book, part lessons for life and business, this account proves that not all fruit stands are created equal. Enjoy behind-the-scenes insights into the journey of Robert and Tracey Mochling and family as they serve shakes by the thousands, endure stores that threaten to end it all, and create a flow that has enabled to weather nearly six decades in business.