Peterson Field Guide Coloring Books: Reptiles and Amphibians


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By: Peter Alden and John Sill Peterson
The most comprehensive coloring book on reptiles and amphibians available—a truly fun and educational experience
*Includes 188 species and color stickers!
From the purplish-gray of a Barking Frog to the pink and orange blotches of a Gila Monster, coloring your own field guide is the most enjoyable way to learn about reptiles and amphibians. Each drawing is accompanied by a brief description that educates as it entertains. Place the new color stickers next to the drawings for a visual reference while coloring. Coloring the drawings helps reinforce the color, image, and shape of each reptile or amphibian, improving your memory and perception while offering a pleasant and easy way to learn. Fun for adults as well as children, beginning and experienced naturalists alike.