Oh, Ranger! True Stories from Our National Parks


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by Mark J. SafersteinOh, Ranger! provides an insider's view into the most beautiful and culturally significant treasures in America. Oh, Ranger! is a collection of exciting stories told directly by the experts – national park rangers. From animal encounters to fire fighting and search and rescue missions, rangers share their most memorable, life-changing experiences. This book is a tribute to National park Service employees everywhere and was inspired by an original storybook written in 1928 by Horace Albright, the first superintendent of Yellowstone National Park. His memory lives on in the heroic actions of all those who proudly wear the instantly recognizable green and grey uniform and flat hat – the rangers. These are the men and women who work hard to protect and preserve our national parks for the enjoyment of millions of visitors, now and in future generations. Profits from the sale of this book will be donated to support national park education programs and the Employee and Alumni Association of the National Park Service. The original version of "Oh, Ranger!" was co-authored by Horace Albright and Frank Taylor. Perhaps it's nostalgia that still attracts people to the stories of the adventures and the devotion to the National Park Service, but the image of the green-coated ranger stands tall to this day.