National Audubon Society: The Sibley Guide to Birds


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Written & Illustrated By: David Allen Sibley
The Sibley Guide to Birds provides a wealth of new information:
-Captioned illustrations show many previously unpublished field marks and revisions of known marks
-Nearly every species is shown in flight
-Measurements include length, wingspan, and weight for every species
-Subspecies and geographic variants are covered thoroughly
-Complete voice descriptions are included for every species
-Maps show the complete distribution of every species: summer and winter ranges, migration routes, and rare occurrences
Both novice and experienced birders will appreciate these and other innovative features:
-An introductory page for each family or group of related families makes comparisons simple
-Clear and concise labels with pointers identify field marks directly
-Birds are illustrated in similar poses to make comparisons between species quick and easy
-Illustrations emphasize the way birds look in the field