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Help protect our reefs from the scourge of the century with the Men's Sea Green Ripple Lionfish Hunter performance shirts. According to the US Geological Survey, the Pacific Lionfish invasion has become a serious problem which threatens to destroy the native populations of hundreds of types of native marine life all along our coastline from New England to Texas. The invasion has also permeated all the islands in the Caribbean as well as the coasts of Mexico, Central America and South American countries of Colombia and Venezuela. The Men's Sea Green Ripple Lionfish Hunter performance shirt from our Tactical Pursuit line features moisture wicking 100% polyester fabric with a lab certified 50+ Ultraviolet Protection Factor rating. Fully sublimated graphics include the Sea Green Ripple enhanced photo background, Speared Lionfish chest logo, Lionfish Hunter Protect Our Reefs rifle scope back design and Lionfish Hunter sleeve text.