Coaster – Everglades National Park Photo Mangroves & Sunset


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– 4X4 Ceramic Printed Coaster of Mangrove & Sunset at Everglades National Park Photo- Printed on highly absorbent ceramic, fade resistant- Cork-backed to protect surfacesMangroves are trees and shrubs that are adapted to life in brackish water environments. They are typically red, black, or white. They look like dense, thick, tangled prop roots that make their connected trees appear to rise above the water. Mangroves are shaped like this as an adaptation to the daily rise and fall of the tides, which happens twice a day. They are built to withstand the harsh growing conditions and subtropical climate of South Florida.Everglades National Park has the largest stand of protected mangrove forests in the hemisphere. Mangroves are essential to life in the Everglades. They stabilize the coastline and reduce erosion from storm surges, waves, and tides. They provide a safe habitat for birds, reptiles, fish, and other animals seeking shelter from Everglades predators.During the dry season, you can expect to see wading birds within the mangroves of the Everglades, using them as a home to feed and nest. During the wet season, mangroves serve as a defense against the strong winds of hurricanes traveling across South Florida.