Awesome Ospreys: Fishing Birds of the World


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Awesome Ospreys: Fishing Birds of the World

Author: Donna Love

Known by ornithologists as citizens of the world, ospreys are among the most widely distributed bird species on earth, living on every continent except Antarctica. In _Awesome Ospreys: Fishing Birds of the World_ author Donna Love enthusiastically shares her knowledge of ospreys and their life cycle, from courtship, nesting, raising their young to their yearly migrations. In beautiful colors that evoke the ospreys aquatic world, illustrator Joyce Turley brings these birds to life in a book that will appeal to readers both young and old. Suggested activities to try with teachers or parents give kids the chance to explore what its like to fly, live, and fish like an osprey. An appendix with osprey physiology, a range map, index, and lists of Web sites and suggested readings point young naturalists toward further research.