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By: W. Eugene Cox (Everglades- Nature's Continuing Story)

By: Jack de Golia (Everglades- The Story Behind the Scenery) Discover America's National Parks in pictures

See this fascinating blend of land and sea, from its native human residents the Seminoles and Miccosukees. Explore through stunning photography, the diverse wildlife, and eco-systems, from alligators to egrets and the wetlands to pinelands that make up Everglades National Park, Florida.

An endless "river of grass", blown by a wind which seems to come from out of the prehistoric past, makes the imperceptible descent to the sea, harboring and nourishing within its vast bosom an abounding variety of life. This is the Everglades–broodingly beautiful, deceptively serene–a fragile world where life is held in delicate abeyance between man and nature.

Everglades National Park, located in South Florida, was established in 1947 to preserve the unique flora and fauna of the Everglades.