License Plate Voucher

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take part in the drawing for the autographed Florida Bay Forever print by Robert Chaplin?

ALL voucher purchasers ordered through will be automatically entered into the drawing for a signed print by Robert Chaplin!  

A winner will be randomly selected once the 3,000 presale vouchers have been met – so spread the word to help us hit the mark! We will let everyone know when the winners are selected. 

How do I get my complimentary one-year FNPA membership?

Once you purchase a voucher, our office will personally mail you your membership card! 

Do I have to pay the extra fee every year on my specialty plate?

Yes. Each of the specialty license plates requires an annual use fee. The purpose of specialty license plates is to raise funds for a particular cause. The use of a specialty license plate is a voluntary purchase. 

Does the purchase a voucher cover the cost of my renewal?

No, the voucher fee only covers the cost of the new specialty plate ($25) which is donated to the Florida National Parks Association in support of Florida Bay in Everglades National Park, state of Florida processing fee ($5) and the Service/Branch fee ($2.50). 

You will still need to pay your normal registration fees as outlined by your local tax collector’s office.  Please visit for information on motor vehicle registration fees. 

I just renewed my license plate; do I have to wait until my next renewal to cash in the voucher and receive the Florida Bay Forever license plate?

No, you can cash in your voucher at any time after the Florida Bay Forever plates have been produced and distributed to your local tax collector’s office. 

What Is the price of voucher?

The cost of the voucher is $32.50 ($25 specialty license plate annual fee + $5 processing fee + $2.50 service and branch fee). 

I ordered my voucher. What happens next?

The Florida National Parks Association (FNPA) will forward your payment and contact information to the Tax Collector’s office for processing. You will receive your voucher in the mail within 2-3 weeks along with your FNPA membership.  

I received my voucher. What is the next step?

Right now, just hold onto your voucher.  We will advise all purchasers when we reach our goal of 3,000.  Once the vouchers are sold, the Florida Department of Highway Safety Motor Vehicle (FDHSMV) will begin production on the plates which takes approximately eight weeks. When completed, you will be notified by the FDHSMV that the plate is ready, which you can then pick up at your local tax collector’s office or tag agency. Find your tax collector by following this link: 

When will the Florida Bay Forever specialty plate be available?

Before the new Florida Bay Forever specialty plate is manufactured; 3,000 presale vouchers must be registered within two years of the initial offering date. Plate ranges will not be assigned unless the presale voucher requirement is met. 

What happens if the plate fails to meet the presale voucher requirements within the two-year period?

If the plate fails to meet the minimum presale requirements, you may apply the presale voucher toward a different specialty license plate or apply for a refund for the specialty license plate fee only. Form HSMV 83363 is used to apply for a refund:

Can I receive a refund for my voucher order?

You can receive a full refund for your voucher purchase at any time up until it is recorded by the tax collector. Vouchers are submitted to the tax collector in weekly batches every Monday, so please contact us by email as soon as possible if you want to cancel. Contact: or 

After your voucher has been recorded by the tax collector form HSMV 83363 is used to apply for a refund for the specialty license plate fee only.

Can I reserve vouchers for my businesses fleet of vehicles?

Yes. Instead of going through our website to purchase the vouchers, please compile a list of your vehicles’ current tag numbers and send them to or  We will then assist you with the process. 

I do not have a Florida Driver's License; can I purchase the Florida Bay Forever specialty plate?

No. Unfortunately, you must have a valid Florida driver’s license to purchase a Florida specialty plate. If you are a new Florida resident, be sure to obtain your Florida driver’s license online at Once obtained you can order your Florida Bay Forever presale voucher. 

Is the Florida Bay Forever license plate voucher available to all licensed Florida drivers?

Yes, all licensed Florida residents are eligible to reserve a voucher for the Florida Bay Forever license plate. 

Can I reserve a voucher for another person?

Yes. In order to do so you will need the other person’s driver’s license number and phone number. 

Are the vouchers transferrable?

Vouchers are not transferable and will be mailed to the recipients’ current address on file with the Florida Department of Highway Safety Motor Vehicle database. 

I own multiple vehicles and/or boat trailers; can I register for more than one voucher?

Yes, you can add as many vouchers that you need or want. 

Where can I pick up my tag once the initial 3,000 vouchers have been reserved and the plate has been produced?

You can bring your voucher(s) to your local tax collector’s office. Find your tax collector by following this link 

How will I know when the initial 3,000 vouchers have been reserved?

Everyone that registers a voucher will receive an e-mail when all 3,000 vouchers have been reserved. 

Will the Florida Bay Forever license plate be available in all Florida counties?

Yes, once the plate is produced, they will be distributed to and available at all Florida tax collector’s offices. 

What if I want to send the tag as a gift?

If you have one or multiple tags you want to send as a gift, please email us at with their recipients first and last name along with their driver licenses number and we will take care of the rest for you! We will email you back with how to proceed.